Brian Richards makes your meetings motivational, entertaining, inspirational, and fun - Guaranteed! Creating motivational and inspiring meetings is hard work. How do you keep everyone engaged, sharp, and open to what you are teaching? It isn't easy. The answer is Brian Richards, educational entertainer who uses entertainment to educate and motivate.

POSITIONING YOURSELF AS UNFORGETTABLE How would you like a tool that makes the sales process more fun and effective? That is exactly what this creative WORKSHOP does for the business professional. The hard work is have a presentation. Now just add these clever imprint techniques at the beginning and end of your presentation and you’ll hold your prospective client SPELLBOUND!!

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BUSINESS CARD IMPACT...What if you could make your business card more effective and all it would cost is a few moments of your time? How would you like to learn the secret to a number of simple techniques that will motivate people to:

Keep your card
Use your card
Share your card with others.

That is exactly what you will learn how to do in this unconventional & FUN workshop. Only BUSINESS CARD IMPACT teaches you ways to gain maximum results on a three cent giveaway. Every one has business cards, everyone uses them which means they give you only a very small marketing edge over your competition.....but I guarantee, that none of your competition is doing what I will teach you in the BUSINESS CARD IMPACT workshop.

This fun and engaging workshop can be taught at your place of business. Or we also offer this workshop on DVD. We do this for two reasons: First, it gives you a chance to see what is taught in the workshop and if it is something that will benefit your team. Second, it is a great way to study & learn these unique and effective techniques.

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DIRECT RESPONSE WORKSHOP What does an entertainment professional know about marketing? More than you would expect. Brian has been a consultant to many organizations and helped them ramp up their direct response marketing vehicles. WHY? Because Brian's profession is very creative and as a result his marketing is new andinnovative but grounded in strong marketing fundamentals. Brian is available to share his unique system of marketing and will increase the "bottom line".

IGNITING YOUR POTENTIAL...This workshop can be summarized as the "Magic of Attitude". Specifically, the importance of attitude in today's highly competitive business world. Through motivational stories, humor and a touch of magic Brian will inspire your group to know they have what it takes to excel in the trenches. Based on Brian's book of the same name, you will learn the 3 key components to SUCCEED!

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